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Facial Aesthetics

Lines and wrinkles can appear on most parts of the face.

It is common for wrinkles and lines to appear around the eyes and lips first. This type of wrinkle is described as ‘dynamic’ and will arise as a result of repeated movement in the facial muscles- such as laughing, smiling, squinting or smoking. These finer dynamic wrinkles will generally appear first- normally in our 30’s and over- although some people can notice them earlier while others will avoid them until later.

Deeper folds and lines such as ‘worry lines’ on the forehead, nasolabial folds (running from the nose to the mouth) and ‘smile lines’ around the mouth and chin most commonly appear in our 40’s onwards.

Whilst again these lines are a result of repetitive muscle movement, they also arise as a result of depleted collagen, hydration and other oils in the skin.

Many dermal fillers work by replenishing your bodies’ natural reserve of collagen- encouraging it to reproduce naturally overtime. This helps to plump and fill any folds. With regular treatment, dermal fillers can be highly effective and give long-lasting results.

We are pleased to offer a number of facial aesthetic treatments- all of which are quick, comfortable, convenient and will give fast results. Relax in the comfort of our practice while we administer your treatment.

All of our injectable facial aesthetics incorporate an anaesthetic to help reduce any discomfort. By injecting tiny quantities with a very fine needle they are highly targeted giving minimal effect on other areas of the face. They do not require any recovery time and can even be completed in a lunch hour! 

At Roger Moore Dental, we also offer dermal fillers for a smooth, unwrinkled face. All procedures are carried out by Dr Jacqui Moore, who has been providing facial aesthetics for over 10 years.

For more information about facial aesthetic options, please call us on 01452521440.

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